Don’t have enough funds for your next music project? Why not start a crowdfunding campaign…

If you’re an independent or unsigned musician, it goes without saying that trying to raise funds for your next single, album or even music video is no walk in the park, to say the least. The plan to get that big project off the ground seems like a distant dream – but it’s not an impossible one.

Starting a campaign on a crowdfunding site is definitely a viable option to raise some cash for your project. To maximise your chances, don’t just launch a bog standard campaign, where you’re shaking that proverbial cup, pleading for fans to donate funds. Is this where your creative juices will come into great use and somehow you need to interact with die-hard and potential fans through these sites.

So how to start a campaign on a crowdfunding site that grabs people’s undivided attention? Glad you ask – I’m going to show you a prime example….

Let me introduce you to Dutch ReBelle, an award-winning female rapper, based in Boston, who launched her 30-day campaign, The Bang Bang Experience, in late October 2017. The primarily aim of the campaign is not just to support her as an artist or just to finance her forthcoming album bearing the same name. She wanted this project to be the epitome of Independent music: to break down the superficial boxes, inflicted by the mainstream industry, in order to connect and create something that’s authentic.The Haitian-born artist achieved this by shifting the limelight to upcoming musicians and producers, inviting them to be a part of the creative process of her the album. There’s also the opportunity for her to be a part of other artist’s forthcoming work.

That was not the extent of The Bang Bang Experience. The campaign also gave aspiring video babes their moment in the limelight by appearing in one of her music videos for a song from the album – for a mere contribution from $50. This mammoth project also made space for live show performances packages, where the rapper will play at any location within the US. For example, a pledge from $500, gave you the Live Set Experience which promises a private performance from any New England location, with some merchandise and a digital or physical signed copy of the album thrown in.

When the campaign for The Bang Bang Experience came to an end, Dutch ReBelle has reached her target of $15,000, – $15,417 to be exact – and this is with the help of just under 200 supporters. So what was the most popular package from the campaign? The Street Team Experience. This is where the fans – also known as the Dutch ReBelle Amy– spread the word about the upcoming album. In return of their pledge from $25, The Dutch ReBelle Army bagged themselves a t-shirt, promoting her current movement, plus a digital copy of the album.

Not bad going at all.

Understandably, not every artist has the time, sources or a healthy fan base to pull off a campaign at this scale…but you can still offer some type of a package in lieu of your supporters’ financial backing. Start off small by offering up a link to a song from your upcoming album or invite them to your gig with the possibility of meeting you backstage. Or Perhaps you can start a ‘ruffle –ticket’ style campaign, where your fans give money in a hope of winning a prize.

These are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Sound great, doesn’t it? Suddenly your dream to plug your next pride and joy doesn’t seem so distant.

To view more about Dutch ReBelle’s The Bang Bang Experience campaign, head right here.

So are you ready to get that campaign off the ground? Great! Good Luck!

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